Top 10 Errors & Problems In Computer Hardware

You can fix the issue by resolving your internet connection problem if any. You can reset or restart your router/WiFi device and re-establish the internet connection, and check if the issue is resolved. The Department of Motor Vehicles website uses Google™ Translate to provide automatic translation of its web pages. This translation application tool is provided for purposes of information and convenience only.

  • Right-click on the Command Prompt tool and run as an administrator.
  • If it’s repairable, you can proceed to the /restorehealth option ; if it’s non-repairable, jump to Step 2.
  • Find among the paths “the VBS file”, and delete the path.

You may see an exclamation point, a question mark or a down arrow on the list. The OS maintains a log of events that helps in monitoring, administering and troubleshooting the system in addition to helping users get information about important processes. Some of the events include system errors, warnings, startup messages, system changes, abnormal shutdowns, etc. This list is applicable to most versions of the three common OSs . These are the main and frequently seen issues which cause computer system failures. Viruses can create havoc on PC especially when you have important deadlines like getting a report done for the boss a few days before your big review. If you’ve tried all of the above recommendations and are still stuck on the BIOS screen, testing your current hardware configuration with a new motherboard might be a useful next step.

If you gave a scammer remote access to your computer, update your computer’s security software. Then run a scan and delete anything it identifies as a problem. If you paid a tech support scammer with a gift card, contact the company that issued the card right away. Tell them you paid a scammer with the gift card and ask if they can refund your money. Tech support scammers try to get their websites to show up in online search results for tech support. The scammers are hoping you’ll call the phone number to get help. Taking steps to protect your personal information can help you minimize the risks of identity theft.

Your computer’s hard drive could be damaged or failing, or it could have a full memory. If you have a slow computer, check your computer’s storage and hard drive memory. Your computer’s performance suffers when your computer’s memory is full, both the hard drive storage and CPU usage. Consider upgrading your memory capacity, saving files to an external hard drive or secure online storage.

How To Fix windows Cannot Load Device Driver Code 38 Error On Windows 10

The RAM that has been added is not the same type of RAM that was already installed. Connect any required power connectors to the video card. Correctly orient the hard drive LED cable to the front case panel connection and reconnect it. The hard drive LED cable is incorrectly oriented to the front case panel connections. The hard drive LED cable is not connected or is loose.

Method 2 Run Check Disk

If asked whether you want to clean the drive, choose theJust remove my files option. After the process is complete, system files should be restored to the previous healthy version. Sometimes, an SFC scan can’t repair Rocketdrivers your files by running Windows normally, but if that happens, you can try running the SFC tool in Safe Mode. However, the System File Checker tool can’t always fix corrupted files, so keep that in mind. Apart from the reasons listed above, there are various corrupted file generator tools that could have been used. If that’s the case, head to that very tool or website for the solution. If the part of the storage that contains your system installation is affected, the files that allow your OS to run normally may become corrupt.

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